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Does Your AC Need Repair? How to Figure It Out

Dose your Ac Need Repair

Cool cozy winter is about to say bye-bye and hot scorching summer is about to begin, it’s time we tune in ac and check their status. Summers in DFW area is very hot, humid and heat waves are severe, during the summers. The average daily low in Dallas is 57.1 0F and the average daily high in Dallas is 76.7 0F.

It is always good that you check the condition of you’re a/c before the summer is about to begin. If it’s functioning well then it’s cool, but how do you figure out if it’s in need of any repair? AC repair in Dallas can be a big deal, so it’s better if you can pick some early signs and deal with it before you hit a huge bill.

Bizarre Sounds

It is usual for an a/c to make some sound when turning on and off, but in-between if you start listening to sudden and bizarre sounds it shows that there is a problem with the cooling system, and it’s time you call a skilled technician and get your unit checked. DFW cooling solutions provide the best ac repair in Dallas, give us a call and we send you our best technician.

There are various kinds of sounds that you may listen some may be rattling/buzzing and others may be whistling or grinding, a skilled technician will be able to find out where or what the problem is and accordingly takes steps to deal with the issue.

Stinking Smell

This is also one of the indicators that your ac needs repair, stinking smell/bad odors may arise because of a variety of reasons. If you find out that you’re a/c is the source of bad odor then it is best that you call an a/c technician who will figure out the problem. DFW Cooling solution offers the best ac repair in the Dallas region.

Our skilled technicians will visit your place and tune up the unit, do the necessary cleaning and let you know if your unit needs repair or up-gradation. Usually, duct cleaning is all that is required to eliminate odors.

Warm Air

If you are sensing that warm air is coming out of the vents, it’s time you check the thermostat. Make sure that it is in cooling mode and set the temperature as per the situation. Wait for some time and still if warm air is coming from the vent then there can be an issue with the airflow or compressor.

You need professional help to take care of the problem, if you are staying in the DFW region you are just a call away from your solution. Give a Call to DFW Cooling solutions and our skilled technician will be right there and make sure that your unit is in the best working condition. For any kind of ac repair in Dallas, just one trusted name is DFW Cooling Solutions.

Dripping Water

Water leakage is an indication that your cooling system is not in proper working condition. These leakages can be very dangerous and should not be neglected, you need to immediately call a technician. Usually, these issues indicate problems with refrigerants, and the liquids should not get accumulated or leak into the house, as these may pose a serious threat.

We DFW cooling solutions take care of all ac repairs in Dallas and Fort Worth region. Just give us a call and keeping you cool is our responsibility.

Excess Humidity

During the summers weather can be sticky, and the task of the air conditioner is to moderate the humidity level and keep you comfortable. If you find out that even when the a/c is running humidity levels are high, it’s time you call a professional.

If moisture levels are not comfortable it’s an indication that the a/c unit needs repair. Our technician DFW Cooling solutions will diagnose the problem and come up with a proper solution.

Apart from these, there may be many signs such as insufficient airflow, frequent cycles, etc., which show that your unit needs professional care. DFW Cooling Solutions takes care of all kinds of a/c repairs in the Dallas and Fort Worth region. For any HVAC Solutions, such as installation, service, repair, and preventive maintenance, please call us at +1 (469) 438-3923 or do write us at

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