5 Money Saving Tips That Will Cut Down Your Heating Bills This Winter

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You cannot survive winters without heaters and using heaters for long duration’s leads to increased energy bills. But there are ways you can put a check on your energy bills, without compromising on your home life or installing a hell a lot of the latest technology.

We at DFW Cooling have come up with some cool professional ways to keep your energy bills low so that you can enjoy the winters getting cozy without worrying about energy bills and spend those hard-earned green currency on something that will make you or your loved ones happy. Let’s get there.

Make room for CFC or LED Bulbs

Old bulbs get heated very quickly whereas new LED or CFC Bulbs don’t get heated that fast. These new bulbs also give soft white light instead of bright light that may even affect your eyes. The majority of our customers have seen a drastic reduction in the energy bills once they started using CFC/LED bulbs. Now it’s your turn to save dollars as well, this is just one of the many money-saving tips let’s check others.

Welcome Sun and the Lovely Sunshine

Who does not enjoy the warm rays of the sun in the cozy winters? What’s better and beautiful than natural sunlight? Pull aside those drapes and blinds and let the beautiful heartwarming sunlight in during the day time. The sunlight in a natural way will increase the temperature and reduces the work of your heating system, bingo! You are reducing your energy bills.

Smart Thermostat – Smart Savings

How many times have you found out that, the heating equipment is working and there is no sign of any person in and around? Well, we are humans and we cannot always remember to switch on and off the equipment every time we are in and out of space or room. Here is a solution you can opt for, a Smart Thermostat that will control the temperature of your home/office/commercial space throughout the day, using a schedule, it also contains additional features, such as sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity. This will be a great asset and will save a great deal of your money. Well, this is just one of the many money-saving tips we are about to explore.

Update and Upgrade to save

In today’s time if there is anything that is changing at a rapid pace it is technology. There is no area of life that it has not touched and it is for our own betterment and convenience of course. Every piece of equipment has a life span and along with time and the frequency of usage and maintenance, its lifespan and performance also get decreased. When was the last time you got your heating system serviced? Or Replaced? Once you observe that the equipment’s performance has come down it’s time you get it checked and serviced and after taking stock of the condition you can choose to upgrade or replace it. Up-to-date equipment saves you a lot of energy and money as well.

What do you need to check on?

Well, there are a lot many, first and foremost you need to make sure that the vents of the HVAC System that are located around the place are properly cleaned and dusted. Make sure that the air filters are cleaned and are functioning properly this not only helps in keeping the air clean but also helps the equipment to run in a smooth way if you find that they are not in good condition it is always best to change them. Check for any leaks around doors and windows and get the area insulated. Great money-saving tips aren’t they?

These are some of the many money-saving tips that we give to our valuable customers as professionals from DFW Cooling.

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