When Should An Air Conditioner Be Serviced

A/C servicing in Dallas

When is the right time to get an air conditioner serviced? This is a question that haunts most of us? Especially when winter is getting over and we are getting for the scorchy sun. Well no big deal, let us crack this.

The last week of March and early April is a perfect time to get your air conditioner serviced. This is the time to check out how ac is functioning because now the temperature gets a little warmer and this creates a conducive atmosphere for service.

Department of energy and we professionals at DFW Cooling Solutions recommend that it is best you get your air-conditioning system checked before the summer begins. It does not matter what kind of system you have central air or ductless, maybe at home or at the office/commercial space. It is a best practice to always get A/C checked and updated before summer.

DFW Cooling Solutions has skilled technicians who offer the best A/c Servicing in Dallas Fort Worth. Let us take a look at why you need a professional to service A/C.

Low energy Bills and High Performance:

When you have a/c serviced it performs at its best, and this results in reduced energy bills, which leads to savings.

Servicing Results in Longevity:

Once serviced A/C performs at its best and this results in an increased life span of the unit.


Another big advantage of getting your A/C Unit serviced is that in most cases you get a warranty along with service.

You Get the Best Air Quality:

When you are getting your A/C serviced you can be assured of better air quality. Because in servicing the filter gets cleaned, and upgraded if necessary and this results in best air quality. You think of A/C servicing in Dallas Fort Worth and we professionals from DFW are there ready to offer you our services.

Lesser Repairs and Breakdowns:

If you do not service your A/C on a regular basis, there can be a sudden breakdown or repair which will cost you a lot of money and especially if it is a commercial setup. But, when you opt to get your A/C serviced it will save a lot of money because it will very much lessen the possibility of repairs or sudden breakdowns.

What does a technician do when he comes for servicing? What do you need to Know?

Just like a pilot has a checklist, a technician when tuning up the A/C and servicing has a checklist of points, which when he goes through becomes sure that the unit is in proper working condition and fit, let us dig into it.

  • The first thing a technician does in A/C servicing is to clean all the inner components and check if they are in condition (not worn-out or broken) and are working properly.
  • The technicians also check out if all the wiring is intact and proper.
  • In A/C Servicing the technician makes sure he checks the energy consumption, how much energy is the unit consuming to give sufficient cooling that is necessary for space, otherwise you will end up paying more energy bills.
  • If you are opting for a proper A/C servicing it will take around one and a half to two hours.

So, next time you think of getting your A/C servicing done, all you need to do is just contact us. For any HVAC Solutions, Commercial / Residential, A/C installation, servicing or repair, or preventive maintenance. We are ever ready to offer you the best professional A/C servicing in Dallas Fort Worth  in Dallas and Fort Worth.

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