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What Are The Most Common Heat Pump Problems, And How You Can Avoid Them

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Like all appliances, heat pumps also go through some maintenance issues. Sometimes it may not heat up properly, or there may be difficulties in turning it on, and maybe it will not cool down. Well, there may be a hell of issues to deal with but you do have solutions for them.

Discussed below are some of the heat pump issues and ways to fix them, let us get straight there.

Heat Pump which Does Not Turn On

But why? Let us check it out

  • Loss of Power: It may be as simple as this, just check your breaker, and maybe all you have to do is just keep them in the right position again. If this happens time and again this is an indication of an electrical issue with the heat pump and you need to take professional help.
  • Reversing valve broken: Reversing valve permits the heat pump to work both as heater and air conditioner. If the heat pump is not functioning properly this may be one of the reasons. You can have it checked and replaced by a professional.
  • Starter Capacitor Broken: If you hear a noise coming while turning on the heat pump, it may be due to the problem with the starter capacitor. Well if it is so you may need to replace it, to help it function smoothly.
  • Problems with Thermostat: Check the programmable thermostat to see if it is set properly and if everything is fine with it, but still, if there is a problem in functioning it might be due to miscalibration, you need to take professional help.

Heat Pump Not Cooling

If you find out that the heat pump is not cooling it may be more or less due to above-mentioned problems.

  • Components are Filthy: If you find out, that the air coming out, is Luke warm, it is an indication that the components are filthy and need cleaning. Just clean them and also check the filters if they need cleaning or replacement.
  • There May Be Low Refrigerant Charge: There may be a leak or refrigerant levels may be low. It would be advisable to get it checked and necessary steps taken to prevent any leakages.

Constantly Functioning Heat pump

If your heat pump is functioning constantly it may be due to

  • Compressor Contractor may be broken: This regulates the amount of power that goes into the heat pump. If this is broken, the heat pump will keep running all the time. You will need a professional to take care of the issue.
  • The Reason May Be As Simple As Cold Weather: By design heat pumps work slowly, if the weather is really cold, it may need some time, just to start, and function smoothly, give it some time and wait. Check the thermostat once just to make sure it’s functioning ok.

Now you know the root cause of the issues with heat pumps and their possible solutions. Dallas Fort Worth Cooling Solutions has, experienced and skilled professionals, to take care of all your HVAC needs, right from installation, repair, and preventive maintenance.

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